Office Fit Out

Above all modern, stylish and practical

Aesthetically pleasing, there are many advantages to choosing a suspended ceiling for your workspace. Why not complement your existing décor with a finely textured tile or striking geometric pattern, or incorporate different lighting panels for a variety of effects. A suspended ceiling is also ideal for hiding wiring, ventilation and piping, while retaining easy access to each system.

When offering advice, we’ll always consider the following points before making our recommendation as to which suspended ceiling is right for your working environment.

Sound Absorption and Attenuation

Acoustic ceiling tiles prevent sound penetration of other rooms through the ceiling.


Suspended ceilings in shower, wet rooms / toilets / locker rooms or kitchens must be resistant to humidity.

Fire Rating Standards

Certain panels are fire rated and compliant with health and safety and current building regulations.


Wipeable ceiling tiles are ideal for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, or controlled clean room environments.